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“Far from Toledo”, a novel

 by Angel Wagenstein


  • Bulgarian Writers Association annual prize 2002

  • “Alberto Benveniste” annual prize for Sepharade literature 2003


Rights sold in:

  • Czech Republic (HAVRAN)

  • France (L’Esprit des péninsules; 10/18)

  • Italy (Baldini Dalai Castoldi)


“Far from Toledo” is part two of Angel Wagenstein's triptych on the fate of European Jews during World War II. Apart from Bulgaria the book has been published both separately and together in Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Israel. “Far from Toledo” was awarded in 2002 the Alberto Benveniste annual prize of the Sorbonne and the Annual Award of the Union of Bulgarian Writers for best novel. The book is a saga of love, hope and tolerance, stronger and more lasting than any political passions, cheerful and sad at the same time, unfolding against the motley ethnic backdrop of the old city of Plovdiv.

  Angel Wagenstein  


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