The International Association “Live Classics” was created in September 2007 on the basis of Russian Literature Institute (Pushkin’s House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


The Association is designed for development and implementation of innovation projects aimed at increasing popularity of Russian and foreign modern classics throughout the world.


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The author of over fifty screenplays for films, documentaries and cartoons.

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“Isaac’s Torah”, a novel

“Far from Toledo”, a novel

“Farewell, Shanghai”, a novel

The author of more than 20 publications in thick literary journals and three books of prose.

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“HUSH”, a novel

“Kurban-roman”, a book of stories

The author of 7 books of poetry, fiction, literary and cultural researches.

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“Natural Novel", a novel

“D.J.", a play


What Dafi has created will remain in Bulgarian national culture as a bright document of the spirituality of a talented child from our anxious age.

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„I am a dream”,
the medley

The modern Ukrainian author and editor of a literary magazine “Rearguard”..

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a novel

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The play “The Apocalypse Comes at 6 pm” by Georgi Gospodinov won an international contest in New York. It was selected to be presented at the hotINK at the LARK: a festival of new plays from around the world of the Lark Play Development Center and is to be staged in Russia in 2012.


About the play: The apocalypse is not necessarily a global catastrophe, horsemen, trumpeting angels, fire and brimstone. Sometimes the end of the world is a very personal, private and everyday thing. It comes at that hour of early autumn dusk, at that minute when the light has already gone, but the darkness has not yet fallen. The stories here take place in that one long minute.


Russian translation rights to the novel “Istemi” by Alexey Nikitin (Ukraine) have been sold to AdMarginem Publishing House. The book is scheduled for publication in May 2011. The author is expected to visit Russia, meet readers and present the book personally.


Ildar Abuzyarov has been awarded a New Pushkin Prize. The nomination sounds "For contribution to national cultural traditions of Russia". The official ceremony is to take place in May 2011 in Moscow.


We have received an offer from AdMarginem Publishing House for “Mahjong” by Alexey Nikitin (Ukraine). The deal will be closed by the end of the year.





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